About us

Indo2han was born in Japan. The idea started when I graduated from fashion school and found myself working in an office.  I started to ask myself what am I doing with my life.  When I became 30 years old I decided I didn’t want to work for any one and be my own boss.  The opportunity came while I was between jobs to travel alone to India.  It was going to be the first and last trip of my life, so I thought……

In the summer of  2010 it was my 31st birthday so I planned a trip for two and a half months alone to India.  Armed with my low english skills, electronic dictionary, big backpack and dream of walking the earth I boarded the plane bound for Delhi.  Even before I actually went to India I thought India was a much poorer country than Japan.

However, by the time I reached Varanasi, the sanctuary of the Ganges my thoughts would change.  When I returned to Japan, I bought some clothes I found locally and showed them to my friends, and they loved them.  I bought these items because they were colourful and kawaii (kawaii means cute in Japanese) 

The clothes brought me the feelings of happiness and amazement which I felt in India. This was the beginning of Indo2han.  With the support of my husband I started to open the shop at event stores, special event stores and small festivals.

As the products started to sell well and became popular with many Japanese people, I started the first indo2han online shop, of course in Japanese. Since I started going to India, I learned a lot of very important things.  I want you to like the products I chose.  I want to give back to India the happiness and joy I first felt when I went there. I am doing this with the colourful and unique items we sell.  

Now we are currently selling unique items from all over Asia online and at festivals in Japan.  We are continuing to develop Indo2han by starting our own brand of ladies and mens clothes, opening our web shop for the UK market AND moving our festival shop to the UK, LETS GO 2022.

I hope you have enjoyed Indo2han’s story. 

Colour for life,

Dan and Maiko xx